Joseph Poston

He has been involved in the healthcare industry in various capacities since 2002. Various roles included nursing assistant, Army Medic where he earned the Army Values Award from my battalion in 2002, LPN and RN at Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello Idaho working in many various units from Med/Surg, ER, ICU, and as a House Supervisor. As a Nurse Practitioner, he has experience in Primary Care as well as Urgent Care. But, Joseph’s passion is urgent care.

His own life experiences, as well as his family’s healthcare- have provided the first-hand understanding as to what is right about healthcare, but also what could be improved upon for the patient, patient’s family, as well as the professionals providing care.

From these experiences, Joseph began to formulate his own ideas and also research what other healthcare professionals have done and are doing to improve the patient experience while at the same time resolving or improving upon what we as healthcare providers are frustrated with in regards to the current healthcare delivery system.

Problems we are addressing in order to improve your healthcare experience:

Wait time whether that be waiting for their visit with their primary care, specialist, emergency room, or urgent care.

A scheduled urgent care visit (many of them same day) allows the patient to wait in the comfort of their own home to be seen.

Feeling too sick to go to work or school?

I come to you and provide work/school note.

Leaving work to go get seen by a healthcare provider can result in canceling important meetings with clients, a poor experience for your customer base, and ultimately lost revenue. Visiting Tri-Cities for a work trip, need to be seen, but don’t know where to go? We can also travel to treat you, individuals who might be traveling from out of town- we can meet you wherever you are staying.

I can see you in the comfort of your office with little interruption in your work day.

The time it takes and the time it takes away from work, school, other productive endeavors to bring your child, parent, or other loved one to the clinic to be seen. Take a mother for example- (example of how much time it takes to pack kids, go to the clinic, wait, be seen, wait at the pharmacy, take the child home, this can take hours out of your day.

Problem resolved with a housecall visit by a healthcare provider.

Exposure to other sick patients while you wait in waiting rooms.

This model of healthcare delivery eliminates this problem.

A frustration for the patient and provider alike is the current system of tired, long waits, and rushed healthcare standard of “15 minute appointments” and “double-booking” of patient to increase revenue and pay for the large amount of overhead that stems from having a physical location, paying salaries and wages to other administrative, clinical, and non-clinical staff.

Remedy Urgent Mobile Medicine does not have a “physical location.” The location is wherever the patient is from their own home, office, hotel, or even “down by the river.” We also have very few administrative and ancillary staff. Providing care that’s not rushed and with a fraction of the overhead cost allows us to provide a more convenient, more personalized, and more attentive visit- which ultimately results in superior patient experience.

We are not a replacement for the ER, your primary care provider, or full-scale urgent care.